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Rondel Disc Grogu Foundling armor, Season 3, Armor Piece, Mandalorian Mudhorn Signet

Rondel Disc Grogu Foundling armor, Season 3, Armor Piece, Mandalorian Mudhorn Signet

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Unveil the Mudhorn Signet - Rondel Disc Armor Piece

Embark on your Mandalorian journey with this 3D-printed Rondel Disc Armor Piece featuring the iconic Mudhorn signet, as seen in Season 3. Make a statement with this unique circular armor piece:

Key Features:

  • Mudhorn Signet Design: A circular rondel armor piece with the distinctive Mudhorn signet, capturing the essence of Mandalorian lore.
  • Custom Sizing Available: Contact the shop for custom sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your cosplay needs.
  • Made-to-Order: Crafted with attention to detail once your order is placed.


  • Material: Raw 3D print, offering durability and flexibility for your cosplay adventures.
  • Default Size: Approximately 5.75" in total width.
  • Customization: Sizes are approximate; contact the shop for personalized sizing options.

Important Notes:

  • Surface Imperfections: As a raw 3D-printed item, minor imperfections may be present. Sanding, smoothing, or painting is recommended for a polished finish.
  • Non-Assembled: Considered non-assembled by the shop, allowing for customization based on individual preferences.
  • Customization Instructions: While instructions for post-processing are not included, the shop is ready to assist with any questions regarding assembly or attachment.

Ordering Information:

  • Custom Sizes: Contact the shop for personalized sizing, ensuring the perfect fit for your cosplay ensemble.
  • Processing Times: Pay attention to processing times, subject to adjustments based on workload and demand.
  • Social Media Tagging: Share your Mandalorian journey on social media, tagging Chamanleon_fx as the artist and Clever3DStudio as the print shop and supplier.

Embrace Mandalorian Heritage - Order Your Rondel Disc Armor Now! Step into the Mandalorian legacy with this unique Mudhorn signet rondel disc armor. Elevate your cosplay game and order now to make a bold statement at your next event!

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