Collaborative Constellations: Shining a Spotlight on Our Valued Partners

We are delighted to present the showcasing of our invaluable partnerships and collaborations. Join us in celebrating the achievements and contributions of these valued connections, a testament to the collaborative spirit defining our business. Please take a moment to learn about these individuals, explore their incredible stories, and support them in their continued efforts.

Emily Billones

✨ Crafting Legends: A Decade of Star Wars Cosplay Brilliance 🌟 An Artisan's Journey 🚀

Emily stands out as one of the most innovative and imaginative individuals we've ever encountered. Through her artistic prowess, she has expanded our understanding of cosplay artistry beyond our wildest imagination. Her creations not only showcase skill but also reveal new dimensions of creativity within the cosplay realm. Emily radiates an incredible positive energy that not only uplifts us but also enriches the entire community!

"I’ve been cosplaying for the last 10 years and although building armor is relatively new to me, it has been my favorite part of this journey. I love being able to express my creativity and long time love of Star Wars through cosplay. My builds have been featured on Star Wars/Lucasfilm social media a few times which still blows me away and is such an incredible honor. I’m truly thankful to be able to collab with like minded folks while building friendships, learning and growing within this wonderful community."

--Emily Billones

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🌟 Meet DJ, Our 6-Year-Old Mini Mando! 🚀 A Star Wars Cosplay Enthusiast Spreading Joy at Comicons! 😊

DJ, our extraordinary 6-year-old adventurer on the comic con circuit, stands out as one of the most imaginative young cosplayers we've had the pleasure to know. His creative prowess takes us on a captivating journey, showcasing not just skill but unlocking new dimensions of creativity in the cosplay realm. Supported by his loving family, who have become our extended family, DJ's positive energy not only brings joy to us but also enriches the entire community as he explores comic cons across the nation!

"Meet DJ our 6 year old Mini Mando! What started off as him walking around the house in just a helmet, grew into a passion for cosplay. He’s been active in cosplay going on his second year, a true fan of star wars specifically Boba Fett and The Mandalorian! He enjoys making people smile and loves to connect with other kids that share his same passion!

You can run into him and his mom at Comicon's throughout 2024!"

--DJ and Family

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