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Death Watch Mandalorian Full Armor Kit

Death Watch Mandalorian Full Armor Kit

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Embrace the legendary aura of the Death Watch Mandalorian with our meticulously crafted 3D-printed armor kit. Created by Darren Pattenden, owner and artist of GreatApeStudioArt, this full kit is designed for enthusiasts seeking authenticity and durability. Please note the details below before placing your order:


  • Right Thigh
  • Left Thigh
  • Butt Plate
  • Hand Plates (Set)
  • Shoulders (Set)
  • Shoulder Straps (Set)
  • Chest Plate with Ab Plate and Center Diamond
  • Knees (Set, requires assembly)
  • Left Gauntlet (requires assembly)
  • Right Gauntlet (requires assembly)


  • Some pieces are made separately, requiring the buyer to assemble the final pieces.
  • All items should be considered non-assembled by the seller.


  • The shop offers custom sizing based on customer-provided body measurements.
  • Digital renderings of the expected fit will be provided for client approval.
  • Once approved, the parts will be made to fit the specified measurements.


  • Raw 3D print in PLA+ plastic.
  • Filament color: Grey or black, based on availability.
  • Recommended to reinforce backs with epoxy, fiberglass, or similar materials to mitigate warping in high-temperature conditions.


  • Processing times vary based on workload/demand.
  • Raw 3D-printed item with slight imperfections.
  • No painting, smoothing, or post-processing included.
  • Parts will require sanding, smoothing, and/or painting according to personal preferences.


  • Models by Darren Pattenden from GreatApeStudioArt; credit GreatApeStudioArt as the artist and modeler, and Clever3DStudio as the printer.
  • Due to 3D printing, minor imperfections may be present.
  • Color of the filament may vary based on availability (grey or black) and won't be visible after finishing and painting.


  • All shipments carry shipping insurance. 
  • In case of ANY damage, contact the shop immediately; retain all packing materials.
  • Policies on returns, exchanges, and refunds align with Etsy recommendations; contact the shop for any questions or concerns.

MADE-TO-ORDER REMINDER: This is a made-to-order item; processing times may be adjusted based on current workload. The raw 3D-printed item may have slight imperfections; personalize it according to your preferences.

For any inquiries or clarifications, feel free to contact the shop before making your purchase. Unleash your inner Death Watch Mandalorian and embark on your journey with our exclusive 3D-printed armor kit!

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Customer Reviews

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Looks great…now I have my work cut out for...

Looks great…now I have my work cut out for me…

Looks great…now I have my work cut out for...

Looks great…now I have my work cut out for me…